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Resignation Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Exit with dignity.
  2. Don’t offer your resignation when you are mad.
  3. Don’t tell anyone else you are leaving before you tell the person to whom you report.
  4. Don’t get emotional.
  5. Explain that your departure is based on your personal needs.
  6. If you’re asked for criticism, be honest, but there is a fine line between constructive criticism and brutal honesty. Stay on the side of professionalism. Always remember that your paths may cross again. Tone down the passion.
  7. Prepare a formal resignation letter and give it, in person, to your supervisor. See our template (below).
  8. Be prepared for a buy back conversation. Remember why you chose to look for a new opportunity in the first place. Know your value.
  9. Remember that your supervisor might be called for a reference even if you don’t list that person as a reference so, everything you say might be held against you.
  10. Be professional and don’t dredge up old issues.
  11. Work during your transition period just as though you weren’t leaving.
  12. If you’re asked to help train your replacement, always be professional and don’t discuss any issues about yourself, the company or co-workers.
  13. On your last day and before you leave, personally visit the people in the company who have contributed to your success, who you’ve enjoyed working with, etc. Shake their hand and thank them. Stay in touch!
  14. Leave this job knowing you have a new opportunity to look forward to!!
  15. It’s standard to offer a two week resignation time period; however, if there is a good reason to stay longer you or your recruiter might negotiate up to a four week resignation.




By Jeanine Drahota | July 15, 2015 |

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About the Author: Jeanine Drahota

Jeanine Drahota is the founding Principal of Lost Dutchman Search. She has a degree from Iowa State University and previous business experience running the sales and operation of 210 state-owned liquor stores in the state of Iowa for nine years. She began her recruiting career in 1982 when she joined Management Recruiters at their Des Moines, Iowa location. She started an insurance desk and within four months became Manager. After that franchise was sold she moved to Arizona in 1985 and opened the doors to Lost Dutchman Search in Scottsdale. Wanting to be unique and stand out in the recruiting marketplace, the firm was named after the colorful legend of the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, thought to be located in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. Jeanine is a proud mother of two children, Jeff, a wildlife biologist living in Kearney, Nebraska and Tracy, living in Phoenix who holds a Doctorate in Psychology. Jeanine specializes nationally in the mining and placement of insurance accounting, tax and audit professionals. Jeanine Drahota, Principal, Lost Dutchman Search Phone: 480-563-7676 Fax: 480-563-0550 Email: [email protected]

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