Do your homework:

1. Pull up the company website.

2. Look up the people you will be talking to on

3. Improve your appearance – get a haircut, manicure, etc.

4. Copy your resume on a high quality bond paper and place in a clean folder.

5. Read the job description or the recruiter’s job posting.

6. Research the company in AM Best.

7. Practice what you would say to different questions, i.e., 5 year goals/ worse mistake you made/why should we hire you/what makes you different/ tell me about yourself, etc.

8. Prepare questions you will ask and write them down.

Dressing for the interview:

1. If you use a scent, put in on lightly.

2. For a woman: a conservative suit, no extra jewelry and no dangling earrings/low heeled shoes. For a man: a conservative suit, long-sleeved shirt and tie/polished shoes/no extra jewelry.

Off to the interview:

1. Arrive 10 – 15 minutes early.

2. No gum.

3. Find the restroom and check your appearance one last time.

4. Announce yourself to the receptionist/guard in a professional manner.

5. Carry your folder (resume copies and a pad of paper) and a pen.

6. Put your cell phone on ‘airplane mode’ and keep it in your pocket or bag.

7. Be pleasant to everyone – they all count.

8. Do not swear or use slang.

9. If asked to complete an application, answer every question fully even though you know some of the information is on your resume. When asked about your compensation history, answer honestly. (You may be asked to verify your compensation.) Do not lie about anything!! Sign and date.

10. Use a firm handshake (with males and females), smile, maintain good, direct eye contact.

11. Answer each question concisely. Do not be verbose. If you don’t understand the question, ask for clarification. After you are asked a question – take a moment to think, before you respond. If you’re asked a question you cannot answer, promise to get back to the interviewer within the next 24 hours with the information and be sure to make yourself a note.

12. Take notes, but do not let your note taking interrupt or interfere with the flow of the interview.

13. Don’t talk badly about anyone or anything.

14. Body language speaks volumes: do not slouch/do not kick your leg/tap your pen on the table/fidget.

15. If asked about your salary expectations, NEVER offer a $$ figure. Simply say that you would expect an offer to be commensurate with what you bring to the table, the responsibilities of the position and a fair rate in the industry.

16. NEVER bring up compensation or benefits on your own.

17. Collect the business card of everyone you speak with.

18. Ask questions.

19. If this meeting is over dinner, do not drink. Order food that won’t spill. Do not order soup.

20. Relax and enjoy making new relationships. Be yourself!

21. Listen.

22. Be enthusiastic.

23. Ask for the job!

Post interview:

1. Call or email your Lost Dutchman Search recruiter and be prepared to offer your bottom line, length of time of the interview, were you asked any question you couldn’t answer, how did they leave it with you, do you want the job?

2. Send a short ‘thank you for the time/I am interested in the next step’ email off to everyone you spoke with, in 24 hours of the face to face.