2019 National Insurance Industry Employment Outlook

Reports taken from annual survey of insurance companies across the United States

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Why Using More than One Recruiter is a Bad Idea

Many employers believe they’ll get a better result and widen the pool of candidates by offering their openings to more than one recruiter. But that’s simply not true for so many reasons! Here’s why:

Your recruiters will do less work. Recruiters get paid on commissions. On contingent assignments, if they don’t make a placement they’re paid […]

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About that counter offer…

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Don’t Let This Happen

Lost Dutchman Search: “I’m sorry, the candidate just accepted an offer from another firm.“

You: “What?! You told us she loved us, that she wanted to work for us. “

 Lost Dutchman Search: “Yes, she did.”

You: “We’re #1 in our space, you said she liked that.”

 Lost Dutchman Search: “Yes, she did.”

You: “You said she liked the team, […]

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It’s a Candidate-Driven Market…

by John Zappe / Fordyce Letter

Perm and temp placements will continue strong through the end of the year and may even increase, as more companies are reporting plans to add headcount.

Forecasts from CareerBuilder and Manpower show more employers plan to add staff — permanent, full-time, temp and contract — by the end of the year […]

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That Resume

By Jeanine Drahota

Before you ever have the opportunity to step inside the office of a prospective employer you will be scrutinized by your resume. You have one opportunity to explain your entire career in one to three pages and to grab a hiring manager’s attention. Make it good!

Your resume tells the story of your work […]

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Resignation Do’s and Don’ts

Exit with dignity.
Don’t offer your resignation when you are mad.
Don’t tell anyone else you are leaving before you tell the person to whom you report.
Don’t get emotional.
Explain that your departure is based on your personal needs.
If you’re asked for criticism, be honest, but there is a fine line between constructive criticism and brutal honesty. Stay […]

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Jumping Thru the Phone Interview Hoops (PDF)

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For Job Seekers: Interviewing 101

Do your homework:

1. Pull up the company website.

2. Look up the people you will be talking to on

3. Improve your appearance – get a haircut, manicure, etc.

4. Copy your resume on a high quality bond paper and place in a clean folder.

5. Read the job description or the recruiter’s job posting.

6. Research the […]

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